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Good Governance, Sustainable Cities, and the Importance of Creating Jobs for Africa’s Youth

Abdoulie Janneh talks to about good governance, sustainable cities, and the importance of creating jobs for Africa’s youth

Former Under-Secretary-General of the UN Economic Commission for Africa and the Executive Director of the Mo Ibrahim Foundation, Abdoulie Janneh talks to about the importance of creating job opportunities for Africa’s youth, and in finding new ways to involve them in critical decision-making processes that promote good governance across the board.

How Infrastructure Development Will Drive Economic Growth In Africa

Geoffrey White talked to in the run-up to the World Economic Forum for Africa in Durban about the importance of building strong logistical frameworks throughout the continent, the challenges of politics, policy and development, and empowering Africa’s young entrepreneurs.

The Masterpass QR Mobile Payment Solution In Africa

Daniel Monehin, Division President, Sub-Saharan Africa, Mastercard

Masterpass QR is the first mobile-driven, Person-to-Merchant (P2M) payment solution. The solution is an enhancement to the Masterpass global digital payment service that will enable millions of micro, small and medium enterprises across Africa to begin accepting fast and secure digital payments. This service addresses the challenges of expensive infrastructural issues associated with point of sale devices and eliminates the need for cash.

Innovative Community-Centered Solutions To Improve Access To Primary Healthcare caught up with Jasper Westerink, CEO of Philips Africa, during the World Economic Forum in Durban.

Philips Partners with the Government of Kenya and the United Nations (UN) to Advance the African Healthcare Agenda.

Donald Kaberuka Curates’s Top10 Business News

We invited Donald Kaberuka, now a senior advisor to the Boston Consulting Group, to curate the week’s news.

Donald brings a unique perspective to the Top10 Business. He served for ten years as the President of the African Development Bank Group (AfDB) a perch from which he negotiated with the collective of interests gathered at WEF this week: leaders in the private sector, country presidents, ministers of finance, and community organizations.

During his tenure at the AfDB, he led a strategy to promote regional  integration through infrastructure investments in roads, railways, power plants and communications.

With this experience, Donald has surveyed the many stories competing for your attention this week, and carefully selected the top ten business articles that he thinks’s readers should focus on right now.

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